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Memories of a Couple’s Endless Devotion.

They entered Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) hand in hand, just as they had lived all their lives. By God’s will they had one son, to whom they gave an education. He eventually married and had a daughter. But after suffering from serious health problems, he and his family were forced to sell their apartment and leave Vanadzor for Moscow, where he could access proper medical treatment. “Grandpa” Vardges, 94, and “Grandma” Mariam, 89, suddenly found themselves left alone to endure the hardships of life. Moving into VOAH was their solution and until recently, they were its oldest residents.

A World War II veteran, Grandpa Vardges returned from the war injured, but he had always managed to hold decent employment. Obeying the wish of her husband, Grandma Mariam never worked. She managed the home, raising their son and then their grandchildren. For two years, the elderly couple awaited their son’s visit from Moscow. When at last their son and granddaughter came back to Vanadzor, Grandpa Vardges died the following day. As always, Grandma Mariam followed her husband, passing a week later. They departed this earth hand in hand, leaving sweet memories in our hearts about love, faithfulness and eternal devotion. All of us will miss them dearly.

Currently, the Vanadzor Old Age Home offers shelter and safe haven to 55 elderly Armenians. Nearly 30 employees look after them with care and love.


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