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Mika Progress Office Opens at Gyumri’s Technopark.

The opening of the Mika Progress Office within Gyumri’s Technopark was held at the Gyumri Information Technology Institute (GTech) on February 24. Journalists, students, instructors and other guests from the Gyumri area attended the opening presentation. Mika Progress currently specializes in calculating the strength of Boeing and Sukhoi airplane parts. While the company’s main office is located in Yerevan, it is utilizing the Technopark space to attract the best engineers and IT specialists from Gyumri’s higher education institutes.

Technopark is a development project established by the Armenian government in 2009 to promote economic development in the Shirak region. GTech began collaborating with Technopark last year.

FAR, in partnership with several technology companies, created GTech in 2005 with the goal of broadening the skills of young Armenians and expanding opportunities in the region. GTech also helps to bolster development by providing an incubator space for new start up IT businesses. Due to the efforts of GTech and Techno Park, many engineers and IT specialists have been able to acquire Gyumri-based jobs in relevant technology fields, which will ultimately help to build Gyumri’s IT development capabilities.


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