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Musical Support for Salzburg International Medical Seminars

In the main concert hall of Yerevan State Medical University, FARFAA (FAR Fellowship Alumni Organization) Salzburg Group, together with the Yerevan State Medical University and Youth Orchestra of Armenia, held an elegant benefit concert to support Salzburg International Medical Seminars and its Schloss Arenberg center, recently damaged by a fire. A highlight of the evening was the announcement that an Armenian Lounge will be opened in Schloss Arenberg after its reconstruction.

Over 450 Armenian physicians have received training from The American Austrian Foundation's Salzburg Medical Seminars program, which has seen the participation of 10,000 physicians from countries in transition. Through this program, FAR’s medical program participants gain access to over 1000 faculty members from the leading American medical institutions such as New York Presbyterian Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


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