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Single Mother Makes Great Strides with FAR's Support

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

"It’s hard to be a single mom and the only feeding hand for a family of five,” said Lilit Shahbazyan. “There are too many difficulties, but I do my best.”

Last year, Lilit’s twin daughters, Ruzanna and Suzanna, 16, were accepted into our Children of Armenian Sponsorship Program (CASP) program, which supports orphans and children of single mothers with cash assistance.

The additional money is an immense help to Lilit who works as a nurse at a Gyumri orphanage and whose 17-year-old son Miakyel, has disabilities.

Through the CASP financial stipends helps Lilit purchase food, clothing, school supplies, and firewood, and even helps her to afford some extracurricular activities for her twins, who are learning piano and pottery. Both plan to attend GTech starting this year. The


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