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We Restore Family Ties

For Karine Tsaturyan, FAR's Child Protection Center helped her to get her family’s life back on track—together. After her marriage deteriorated, her children became despondent, they were unable to focus on school, and their hygiene practices fell to the wayside.

“We had to repair our relationship, and I personally had to undergo a lot of therapy, so when I learned about the Child Protection Center I decided to take kids there for the summer,” Karine said.

Placing them there was a clear call for change, she said. Karine spent six months in a women’s psychological support center called Democracy Center in Yerevan while Armine, 15, Artyom, 12, and Arsen, 13, stayed at the Children’s Center.

“I was crying but mom told us that she was close and that we would see each other very often until we go back home all together,” said Armine, who improved her behavior and started attending school again. “Baking biscuits, making clay jars and small toys, and backyard games were my favorite activities. When we came back home to Novoseltsovo, I started making preserves with my mom and now we have a bunch of stuff for winter.”

Arsen and Artyom were introduced to soccer and boxing, which they enjoyed. “It was nice at the center. We would get up at 8:30, clean and tidy our bedroom, wash, then have breakfast and head to school,” Arsen said.“The Center was cool, but home is better. We missed being together.”

The three kids recently returned home with their parents, who have now reconciled, in Lori Province.

Our Child Protection Program helps to reunite and restore family bonds at FAR's Child Protection Center. Support this amazing institution and give to FAR today.


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