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Satellite Streams Screams of Silenced Sacred Stones.

Satellite technology recently revealed the demolition of Djulfa, the world’s largest Armenian cemetery. UNESCO is being urged to stop considering any further monuments from Azerbaijan be added to the World Heritage List until its government takes responsibility.

You don’t need a visa these days to investigate human rights abuses. That’s if you are the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and are wondering why Azerbaijan prevents European observers from visiting the site of an ancient cemetery. All is needed, it turns out, is good satellite technology.

Five years after the complete destruction of the world’s largest medieval Armenian cemetery in December 2005 —the Djulfa (Jugha) graveyard of thousands of intricately carved khachkar burial monuments — the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science has released a satellite study stating that “the entire area [of the Djulfa cemetery] has been graded flat.”


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