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The Most Important Thing in Life

Safe housing was a pressing need for the Avagyans, a family forced to leave everything behind in Artsakh during the war.

Today, they have found shelter back in Tasik, the small hometown of Anna and Armen, in Armenia’s Sisian Region.

After getting married in 2004, the couple decided to move to Artsakh for a better life, where they raised livestock, sold their homemade dairy products to make a living, and had their seven children, Hasmik, Tatevik, Arpine, Liana, Vanik, Elmira, and Hermine. When the war started, the family moved back to Tasik where they stayed with Armen’s parents in their small house devoid of indoor plumbing and privacy.

The Avagyans are the sixth family to receive a newly renovated and furnished two-story house as part of our Support for Artsakh’s Displaced project.

Already they are at home, with Anna calling the kitchen her “kingdom,” a place where she cooks, bakes, and jars containers of preserves and other vegetables for winter.

“A roof over your head is the most important thing in life, especially when you have seven kids,” said Anna. “I have gone through many difficulties over the course of 20 years and I had no hope that someone would stretch a helping hand, but FAR did and I’m thankful for this chance.“


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