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The Parched Armenian.

Even though there was mystery around Armenia – did it really exist behind the Iron Curtain? Or was it a place on the moon? – our roots were robust re-germinations of the ethnic tree. Churches, alumni clubs and cultural organizations further strengthened our basic ties.”

- Mary Terzian

“Mom, I want you to check my schedule against yours, and make changes where necessary. Tomorrow we have a matinee at New London Theatre to see War Horse, with Matt’s parents. Next week we will have dinner at Pierre’s, he is very excited about seeing you again, and perhaps one night we may try the Nepalese restaurant that you so much like, or would you prefer Indian food? … ”

“Wow, Ani, let me catch my breath … ”

“And, by the way, I met an Armenian guy in my neighborhood. He wants to meet you. He has not spoken Armenian with anybody since his mother died two years ago. You’ll see him at the children’s party. His son is only a year older than Raffi. I’ll tell you all about it.”


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