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The Photograph.

“What made me produce this book was my first visit to Ani more than ten years ago, where I was amazed by the ancient monuments and wanted to set out on a quest to find the life that has long left that place.”

— Balázs Pataki

Balázs Pataki, a photographer from Hungary traveled throughout Armenia for the past decade. He started off his journey in 2000 using black and white film to capture Armenian landscape, architecture, ruin and people.

His adventures took him to the ruins of Ani as well as Aygestan and Akhtamar in the region of Van. Later, in 2002, as he began using digital photography, he traveled throughout Armenia and Artsakh. “It was an outsider’s fascination that brought me to Armenia. Because I knew very little about the country or its history, I had more to discover,” said Balázs.

He is able to capture the essence of Armenia and the character of its people without having a connection with the country.


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