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In September, Azerbaijan launched an unprovoked and brutal attack along Armenia’s eastern border. The attack took the lives of innocent civilians and destroyed infrastructure. 


Armenia’s Sisian Region lies in Azerbaijan’s line of fire. FAR’s latest project will help the people of Sisian—refugees from Artsakh and longtime citizens alike—in this uncertain time. 

Read more about how you can support the people of Sisian.


Support the people of Sisian today.

Support the people of Sisian and support the security of Armenia. 

Featured Projects

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Since 2000, the FAR Children’s Center has provides a haven for at-risk children by performing crisis intervention, short-term rehabilitation and stabilization to victims of some of the most horrible predicaments, including abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Nurses of Artsakh & AR Training Program
Empowering Primary Healthcare Providers

Artsakh Nurses Training Program provides a unique opportunity to reach the most prevalent, yet perhaps most undervalued, medical professionals. Often nurses are the only healthcare providers in rural communities and as such, bear the burden of delivering primary medical care.

Scholarship Program
Promoting a Stronger Generation

FAR’s scholarship programs and Gulamerian Vocational Training Program give young Armenians the potential to contribute greatly to the growth and development of their country through opportunities made possible by education.

30 Years
$350,000,000 Raised
290+ Projects Implemented

Why Support FAR?

FAR was born out of a rush to provide emergency assistance to those whose lives were destroyed by a devastating earthquake. More than 30 years later, FAR is a leading player in Armenia’s development, working in solidarity as a trusted partner with Armenians to craft a better future for their nation through transparent, effective and efficient programs.


“Now that we have the warehouse, sun driers and electric driers, [co-op members] dry about 20 tons of apricots every year. On average, we harvest about 60 tons of apricots each year.” 

—Arkadi Khachikyan, President of the Yervandashat Agricultural Association Consumers Cooperative.


In 2015, FAR helped the co-op to build their own storage warehouse and also supported them through gifts of fumigation facilities, electric dries, and other essential equipment so they could make a consistent profit from their annual apricot harvest.

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