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ANSEF Grant Winners Meet with FAR Yerevan Staff

The 2009 Armenian National Science & Education Fund (ANSEF) grants have been awarded, and project follow-up has begun. Earlier this month, members of the FAR Yerevan staff paid visits to many of Armenia’s finest scientific institutions including Yerevan State University, the Scientific Center of Biology and Hydro-ecology, the Scientific Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics, in order to check in with the scientist teams who received FAR’s ANSEF grants.

The FAR representatives met with 14 different scientific research groups, during which time the progress of each team project was discussed. Through ANSEF, FAR provides scientists with funding, enabling them to pursue their scientific research in Armenia as opposed to leaving the nation in search of funding. The goal of this project is to motivate Armenia's greatest scientific talents to stay in Armenia, preventing the problem known unofficially as the "brain drain."


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