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Summer Learning Creates Future Innovators

Once a reluctant student, Nune Avagyan now says that STEM subjects are her favorites. She’s also certain that integrating STEM into her every day life will equip her with knowledge, confidence, and creativity.

“STEM subjects are very much connected with the world in general, particularly to human life as well as the surrounding nature and processes occurring around us,” said the high school senior.

Last month, she participated in the week-long Byurakan Science Camp, a FAR project, which brought together high school students from Armenia’s Berd Region and ANSEF scholars at Byurakan Observatory. The camp focused exclusively on STEM subjects, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Campers learned about experiments and solutions that scientists worldwide are working on to combat things such as climate change.

“I think introducing STEM in high school will teach students to use critical thinking skills and encourage them to eventually become professionals who can contribute to a competitive and developed economy,” proudly noted Naira Azatyan, a camp lecturer and a 2018 and 2021 ANSEF scholar.

For the past nine years, Byurakan Science Camp has offered a supportive learning environment for Berd community high school students. It’s another piece of our Education Program, which aims to support Armenia’s future leaders and innovators.

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