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Beneficiaries Stories, Mariam from Noratus

Thanks to the support of Washington resident Jerair Nishanian, more than 40 children from socially vulnerable families have an opportunity to study at Gavar State University, which was established in 1993 to help educate youngsters around the Gavar and Gegharkunik regions.

Mariam Margaryan, born in 1991 in village Noratus (famous for thousands of medieval khachkars), is one of the scholarship recipients. Mariam was 10 years old when both of her parents separately abandoned their family, leaving Mariam and her younger sister Mary in the care of their grandfather and grandmother. Grandfather Sargis is already 82 years old, but his aim is to live long enough to help his grandchildren reach their goals.

Mariam Margaryan is a student at the GSU Natural Sciences Department (Geographic faculty). Since her childhood she has always been fond of geography and has mentally travelled over many continents and visited various countries. However, most of all she loves her native country. “Upon my graduation I will work as a teacher of geography at the secondary school in my village.” stated the smiling girl. She is very thankful for Jerair Nishanian, and though Mariam has never met Mr. Nishanian, his name symbolizes a legend in her family. Mariam is a stellar student at the University, and has clear ambitions. The two sisters have decided to buy presents for the grandparents with their first month salary: and this day is not far ...


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