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Making a Difference Through a Military Career

Davit Hovhannisyan, 27, a recent graduate of the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture, overcame a tough past to earn his bachelor’s degree in rescue management, something he believes will help him to make a difference through his career.

Davit was just 12 when he and his younger sister, Hasmik, ran away from home and ended up in Gavar Orphanage. He was four when his mother died, after which his father took to drinking heavily and beating the children.

Our Gulamerian Vocational Training and Education Program helps young adults who have grown up in orphanages without parents or in the custody of guardians in their transitions to adulthood. The program first helped Davit to earn a vocational certificate and most recently, his bachelor’s degree.

Since he was a child, Davit wanted to serve in Armenia’s special forces. After completing his mandatory military service he extended his time all the while knowing he needed to advance himself. His bachelor’s degree will help him to rise through the ranks.

“From a very young age, I have wanted to rescue people in danger. Now, with my current degree, I will be able to do much more for my compatriots and my community,” he said. “FAR extended its hand to help me in my life-changing experience. Otherwise, I would have dropped out of the university. Scholarships help young people from orphanages like me to stand firm against life challenges. It also paves an easier way toward integration into a bigger life and society. I’m lucky in this regard.”

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