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Beneficiary Ani Kalashyan

Ani is a second-year student in the Statistics and Informatics Department at the Armenian State University of Economics. She is originally from Hrazdan, Armenia. Ani is an only child, and was two years old when her parents divorced and her father left the family. Raised in part by her grandparents, Ani says, “It seems as if my grandmother and grandfather were my parents. I am thankful for all the good they gave me. I always wished to be a person they would be proud of.”

During the early part of her education, Ani dedicated herself to studying the English language. She initially learned the language from Peace Corps volunteers. Ani has a vibrant personality, and she has been involved in public works since the age of 14. For several years, she worked as an administrative assistant at an NGO in her native town. At the same time, she worked as an English tutor and taught English to children.

We would say that Ani has made her grandparents proud! “I felt stressed for the first time, when I learnt about my involvement in the paid educational system of the university” remembered Ani.

However thus far during her studies, Ani has received “excellent” grades on all exams. Due to her academic excellence, she has been transferred from the paid educational system to the free educational system within the university.

Peace Corps volunteers told Ani to apply to the Fund for Armenian Relief for additional assistance. “It was the last day for the applications to be submitted to FAR. I applied, and a few days later received FAR’s invitation to participate” told Ani Kalashyan. Ani is thrilled to be part of the program, and she is committed to studying with excellence in order to justify the selection and expectations. Ani will use the money she receives from FAR to buy a new computer. We have no doubt that she will prove herself to be a worthy beneficiary of the scholarship!


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