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Beneficiary portrait - Anna Snkhchyan.

Since childhood, Anna Snkhchyan has exhibited extraordinary academic abilities. Before attending school, she had mastered the alphabet. As Anna grew up, her mother noticed her love of mathematics, and suggested that that she apply to the Department of Economics at Yerevan State University.

Despite receiving high grades on the entrance exams, in 2006 Anna was admitted to the paid educational system of the university. FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program played a decisive role in her fate. Her stipend from this scholarship allowed her to attend university and really focus on her studies. Thanks to FAR’s support, Anna fully devoted herself to her education, and received only “excellent” grades for three years.

As a result of her academic success, Anna was transferred to the free educational system and has also been receiving FAR’s financial assistance for three years. The young girl spends the awarded money to cover daily expenses. Her mother, who raised Anna alone, is 63 years old and lives on government support.

Anna think of herself as lucky, since she has previously applied to other FAR scholarship programs and has been selected as a recipient twice before. At FAR, we are very proud to be a link in the chain of a successful student. Like those of us at FAR, Anna believes in her future, as well as the future of Armenia. After her graduation, Anna intends to continue her education to obtain master degree.


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