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CASP Supports Aygepar’s Kindergarten.

The Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) will continue to support children and their families in the village of Aygepar in the Tavush region by financing all the meals at the town’s only kindergarten. Through CASP, FAR has supported the school in the past, most recently by delivering Christmas gifts to the local children.

One of the border villages of Armenia, Aygepar is only about 50 meters from Azerbaijan. Its residents, many who previously fled the area during the Nagorno-Karabagh War, are trying to reclaim their lives after years of violence and economic struggle. More support for the improvement of social conditions in the area will hopefully curb emigration, step by step.

Twenty children were born in Aygepar over the past two years, which gives us hope that they will prosper in this heroic village, previously considered to be one of the country’s most dangerous locations during the war. We wish the best for these local residents and we hope for peace.


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