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Children of “Mer Dun” (Our Home).

“Mer Dun” is a social non-governmental organization that has been operating in Armenia since 2005. The aim of the organization is to provide shelter to the adult girls (18-23 years old) of the Orphanage as well as to help them in professional orientation.

In fact, today more than 200 graduates of Orphanages in Armenia have no place to live. As a result, most of them appear in the streets. The State has assumed the obligation to provide them with apartments, still the queue progresses very slowly.

“Mer Dun” Organization’s office is located in the Armenia’s spiritual center Edjmiadzin. It creates a real family environment for the 10 girls living there. All of them study at higher educational institutions, mainly in the local “Grigor Lusavorich” (Illuminator) University. On our visit to “Mer Dun” we witnessed how the girls prepared their lessons for the next day. 7 of the girls are beneficiaries of FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program. Thus, FAR covers their tuition fees.

It is gratifying that the girl’s personal life is also successfully arranged. During one year, 4 girls have married and the fifth is going to marry soon.

“I have already 5 grandchildren”, the Director of the organization Ms Tigranuhi Karapetyan told with a smile and added; “After leaving the students continue to maintain relations with “Mer Dun”.


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