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Dr. Ounjian Receives Commemorative Medal.

In addition to the Ounjian school’s opening on May 24, June 3 was another important day for Doctor Hovhannes Armenaki Ounjian and for the Shirak Province of Armenia, as the outstanding benefactor was awarded the Shirak Governor’s Commemorative Medal for his “forward looking activity that is beneficial to the nation, for the reconstruction of Ounjian Secondary School, for students’ education, and for an unforgettable contribution to the alleviation of mental and social problems.” Dr. Ounjian is also the first person to ever receive the medal.

Dr. Ounjian in his speech thanked the Governor’s office for the respect and honor while expressing his genuine devotion to Armenia and to Gyumri in particular by saying that his contribution is heartfelt and that he is happy to be able to contribute to his compatriots.


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