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FAR and ARMACAD Provide More Educational Opportunities to Young Armenians.

Last week, FAR Scholarship beneficiaries met with the Armenian Association for Academic Partnership and Support (ARMACAD) Chairman Khachik Gevorgyan to learn about the volunteer opportunities available to FAR students. For the past three years, ARMACAD has been spreading the word about academic news and opportunities available to Armenian students around the world. The non-profit organization’s website currently has more than 4,000 subscribers. ARMACAD has also organized more than 50 academic events, including meetings, lectures and academic conferences for students.

Gevorgyan explained in detail the organization’s mission, which is to not only keep students aware of opportunities, but to also strengthen relations and cooperation between Armenians and the Diaspora. Another purpose of the organization is to help students realize they have an important role to play in the struggle against corruption in education and the movement toward reform. ARMACAD is also a resource for students and a way they can find practical working experience through volunteer opportunities.

“ARMACAD can help you to enrich your experience and will further your academic and professional development,” Gevorgyan said to the students. “I also encourage you to continue your education at respected universities around the world and return to your homeland to contribute to the scientific and educational development of Armenia.”

Ashkhen Minasyan, a fourth year student at Yerevan State University's Department of Economics and a FAR Mathevosian scholar, thanked ARMACAD for such an important initiative. She’s already received dozens of notifications from ARMACAD about educational opportunities, including seminars, PhD programs, master’s degree programs, trainings, and internships at leading universities and educational centers worldwide. She intends to apply to one of them and continue her education abroad. Ashkhen also plans to volunteer in the financial department at ARMACAD.

For more information about ARMACAD, check out their blog , join their yahoo networkand find them on Facebook.


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