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FAR Assesses Progress of Mathevosian Scholars.

FAR’s educational programs team gathered earlier this week to discuss the first semester grades and progress of this year’s Mathevosian scholars. All have done fairly well, but we nevertheless encouraged them to strive to improve their grades. Seniors and graduate students informed us of their progress in various extracurricular educational and scientific organizations. Others told us of their involvement in community service projects like blood donation drives, toy and clothing drives for local orphanages, and model UN. One student is even involved in monitoring the progress of international organizations in Armenia. Seven of them work along with their studies at places like the Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting, ArmSoft, Orange Armenia and the National Assembly.

During the meeting, all students saw a recent letter from scholarship founder Anoush Mathevosian, who offered her full support. An excerpt reads: “I have no doubt that the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, through your efforts and enthusiasm, will contribute to the mission and activity of the Fund for Armenian Relief and promote and strengthen our Motherland’s future.”

FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program provides much-needed assistance to students from extremely poor families. More than half of these recipients grew up in households with only one parent or with disabled parents. Through tuition coverage and a stipend, Mathevosian scholars have the opportunity to study at leading institutions.


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