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Happy Birthday, Anoush Mathevosian.

On this February 18th, we at FAR would like to send our warmest birthday wishes to Anoush Mathevosian. Honored and distinguished, Anoush is a great Armenian woman who is devoted to her motherland. We at FAR know this firsthand.

Anoush was born in 1926 in the Armenian district of Nor Jugha in Esfahan, Iran. Her father, Galust Mathevosyan was a priest and a teacher. He spoke several languages, including Armenian, Farsi and English, and he was always willing to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. Her mother, Vardeni Saryan was a housewife. She brought up her eight children with love, care and devotion.

In a family that highly valued education, Anoush continually strived for knowledge. After receiving 12 years of secondary education in Tehran, she took part in a scholarship competition and, along with her sister Siranoush, was selected as one of the 25 winners who got the chance to study in the USA. Always a hard worker, Anoush progressed in her studies, then later in her administrative and management activities, as well as in her business.

Ever since her first visit to Armenia in 1994, Anoush has worked with FAR to implement various programs. Nearly all were done in loving memory of her sister Siranoush. The #8 Secondary School in Vanadzor was built and named after her sister, just as the "Siranoush" camp in Yeghregnadzor, where each year orphans and needy children from various regions of Armenia come for summer camp. Anoush also helped to renovate Yerevan State University’s philological faculty's hall. She also created the Mathevosian Scholarship program, which has helped hundreds of low-income Armenian children obtain a higher education. Since 1996, more than 135 young people have been able to attend college because of this program, which covers their tuition. Currently, 65 students are supported by it.

These are just a few of the things that have been made possible by such a wonderful woman. Once again, we congratulate you, dear Anoush and wish you good health and happiness. God bless you!

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