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Impressions of CASP's Summer Camp.

Summer Camp: a homework-free zone, filled with fun, fresh air and friendship. For the kids supported by the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program, it is also a work-free zone. At home many of them constantly help their mothers or grandparents do housework or care for their younger siblings. In addition, the majority of the nearly 20 kids and teenagers who are enrolled in the 20-day FAR “Siranush” Summer Camp, located near the village of Hermon in Vaiots Dzor Province (population: 53,000), have never been outside their own province.

They’ve never had a chance to socialize with their peers from other regions or compatriots from other countries. So, this newfound association will provide the local kids with a broader understanding of another world, culture and mentality. It will provide them with a sense of unity with other Armenians from all over the world as well as show them that there are an abundant variety of traditions and customs in their country.

All of this will enrich their development and build their foundation for their future. And the abundance of care, love, and lack of social problems ensure a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Every summer, underprivileged children who are either orphaned or who come from single-parent homes are able to attend camp through the help of the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program.


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