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Khandjians Orphans’ Sponsorship Program (KOSP) Helps Children in Gyumri.

The Khandjians family joined FAR Friends back in 2003 when Sebastien Khanjian arrived in Gyumri with Patrick Sarkissian, to set up a Software Program, which later served as a prototype for the Gyumri Information Technology Center (Gtech).

The owner of the technology company MEET General Trading LLC, Sebastien Khandjian holds a degree from the esteemed Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle school in London. In 2009, when he was consulting for Gtech, he also decided to sponsor three orphans by pledging $200 to them annually until they turn 18. Sebastien also donated funds so that the three boys could attend the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program summer camps held each year. The same month, his parents Tuula and Berge Khandjians followed their son’s lead and agreed to sponsor four more orphans with the same. Then, once again, days ago on October 15, seven more children in Gyumri received $100 each from the family. Needless to say, the Khandjians received some wonderful thank you notes.


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