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Lilit Yeghiazarian Meets ANSEF Recipients.

On July 20, Lilit Yeghiazarian, PhD and ANSEF Research Council member, met with current and former ANSEF grant winners at FAR’s Yerevan Office. The group discussed ways to improve the ANSEF program, including how to better coordinate the work of different scientific groups, as well as how to properly handle feedback and communication between ANSEF’s Research Council and the scientists who are submitting proposals.

Lilit emphasized the importance of giving young researchers the opportunity to not only pursue, but also improve their work so that they can be a part of Armenia’s next generation of competent scientists. She also thanked everyone for their great contribution, their devotion, and for the high quality of their work.

ANSEF scientists also made suggestions on how to improve the quality of ANSEF and expressed their deep gratitude to the ANSEF Research Council for their support.


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