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Meet Davit, FAR Scholar and War Hero

The Artsakh War changed how 21-year-old Davit Ghulyan views his reality.“Life is not the same as it was before the war; my life is divided into two segments—before and after,” he said.

A few month ago, Davit completed his three years of military service with honors for his brave conduct during the war. He is now back at school, focused on his studies in architecture at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia thanks to assistance from FAR’s Jerair Nishanian Foundation Scholarship.

“I have become more considerate of my parents, my friends, and my surroundings,” said Davit. “I now put more thought into things.”

Davit was born and raised in Talish in Artsakh, which is now under control of Azerbaijan. He was in the fifth grade when the family moved to Yerevan so that he could get a better education.

“Talish was my brightest childhood memory,” said Davit, who has been painting since an early age. Prior to starting his military service in 2019, Davit created a couple of paintings depicting the horrors of war. “I don’t know why I made those, but when I look at these works now the war comes right back.”

Together with 25 soldiers, Davit was first sent to Martakert, then to Mataghis and Shushi as chief of his field artillery unit.

“Giving up was not an option so I had to constantly encourage my soldiers,” he said. “I have lost many friends to the war, which, to me, is the most tragic part of it all. But I have learned to value my life and will now do my best to become a professional.”


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