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New Medical Equipment for Rural Communities

Healthcare is an extremely important part of FAR’s work. Earlier this month, much-needed medical equipment was distributed to 30 village medical centers and rural clinics serving many of our beneficiaries from Artsakh, those who are now settling into their new homes in Armenia’s Sisian Region with help from our newly-launched project, Support for Artsakh’s Displaced.

In addition, 28 medical clinics and hospitals in the Berd Region (those supported by BCPP) have been stocked with equipment like thermometers, otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, and medical exam tables.

Both BCPP and Support for Artsakh’s Displaced also aim to improve healthcare by empowering local medical personnel through professional development and training opportunities, in addition to those geared toward community members. Recent trainings focused on COVID-19, the role of play in alleviating children’s anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases, just to name a few. And more than 40 trainings for community members have also been carried out in Sisian and Berd since early September.

Moreover, FAR is currently in the process of delivering oxygen concentrators, portable ultrasound machines, IV infusion pumps, and much more to Artsakh hospitals and clinics as part of our Doctors for Artsakh project.

“Medicine is a constantly evolving science. If you are updating your knowledge then you can do everything,” said Dr. Karine Harutyunyan, the sole physician for the 1,200 people who live in a community in Sisian. In this sense, it is very important to have proper medical equipment as well to keep up with the latest practices.


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