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Progress Through Research

Dr. Vitya Vardanyan wants to understand why some children suffer from epilepsy. It’s a topic that has interested him since his Ph.D. studies in molecular neuroscience at the University of Hamburg back in the early aughts.

With our help, he and his research team can continue to work on finding the answer as Dr. Vardanyan’s team is one of this year’s ANSEF grant recipients.

Since 2000, the Yervant Terzian Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) has enabled scientists and researchers to pursue their innovative work at home in Armenia, ultimately helping them to promote social and economic growth by further contributing to a knowledge-based economy.

“Our research focuses on the terrible neuro-developmental disorders that cause devastating illnesses, which affect the cognitive and motor functionsof patients, particularly children who suffer from epilepsy, development delays, intellectual disabilities as well as behavioral and language problems,” said Dr. Vardanyan.

Through their genetic research, Dr. Vardanyan's team believes progress can be made. To support the work of Armenian scientists to Armenian society, donate to FAR’s Education Program today.


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