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Scholarship Distribution in Shirak Region

The FAR office in Shirak allocated CASP sponsorships to 31 beneficiaries in the Shirak region (100 USD to each beneficiary).

One of the CASP beneficiaries, the Snkhchyan family, lost their house as a result of the 1988 earthquake. Since then they have been living in a wooden cottage located in the suburbs of Gyumri.

Two years ago, Anahit Snkhchyan also lost her husband, a well-known specialist of mathematics. Now she hardly manages to keep her four children. Anahit is unemployed and her father-in-law has to support the family. Fortunately, her son Hovhannes could be enrolled in the CASP child sponsorship program - managed by FAR - and her eldest daughter is a FAR Mathevosian Scholarship program beneficiary.

“I would face so much more hardships without FAR support. With FAR helping us through these difficult times I don’t feel alone anymore.”


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