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Three Sisters Receive Gulamerian Scholarships

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Through the Gulamerian Scholarship, FAR aims to help the most destitute but promising young students. Today, we would like to highlight the story of the Haji-Poghosyans sisters, Mariam, Tatevik, and Anna. Though their parents are living, the three girls were raised in the Vanadzor orphanage. Before arriving at the orphanage, their home life was a domestic nightmare. Their father, Grigor, suffered from an alcohol addiction while their mother, Marietta, remained bedridden and seriously ill. Marietta took the girls to Vanadzor, in the hopes that they would have a better upbringing there than she was able to provide for them.

The three sisters have now matured to become lovely young ladies, and have been thriving at the orphanage. Two years ago, the eldest sister Mariam learned about the FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program, and applied to Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Law. She was admitted into the paid educational system and the tuition fee of nearly 1000 USD is now covered within the framework of FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program.

“If not for the Gulamerian Scholarship Program, the opportunity to study at higher educational institution would merely remain a dream,” confessed Mariam Haji-Poghosyan during our conversation. Mariam’s two younger sisters are also Gulamerian beneficiaries. Tatevik studies at the local Medical College, and Anna studies at Polytechnic College. Their tuition fees are also provided by FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program. There is no need to mention how happy the three sisters are, and thankful for benefactors Josephine and Harold Guamanians’ generous support.


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