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Art Show Helps Youth to Showcase Their Talent

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Fifteen-year-old Meline Grigoryan loves to paint. Recently, some of her works depicting village life and the monuments of her home town of Itsakar Village in Tavush Province, were exhibited at the Verin Karmiraghbyur Community Center.

“It’s so much fun and so exciting to participate in this exhibition. I have put all of my efforts into depicting my village through my paintings,” said Meline with pride and joy.

Meline, along with about 70 other children who participate in nine extracurricular groups organized and supported through FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), worked over the course of a month to produce a wide range of art for the show – from embroidery to paintings – that depict the abundant nature, community life and heritage of the Berd Region as interpreted through their own imaginations and perspectives.

“This exhibition, which was entitled ‘My Village,’ was a great chance to showcase the knowledge and skills of this group of children, to promote these works among people with similar interests, as well as to encourage healthy competition,” said FAR’s Berd Office Manager Lusik Aghababyan.

She noted that BCPP’s extracurricular groups not only help the children of the Berd Region to better occupy their spare time efficiently, but also teaches them to empower themselves through creativity.

Currently, 600 children are enrolled in 19 groups that focus on arts & crafts, sports and dance.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) is a multidimensional FAR project that addresses the roots of poverty in the Berd Region of Tavush Province, and is sponsored by the Edward and Helen Mardigian Foundation.


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