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Hundreds of Students Impacted by BCPP’s Recent School Renovations

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Recent classroom renovations made possible through FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) are making school safer and more enjoyable for 330 students who attend school in Armenia’s impoverished Tavush Province.

A celebration was held at the end of November to inaugurate Berd High School’s new physics and chemistry lab and the new military classroom at Berd #4 Elementary and Middle School.

“Our physics classroom was in very bad condition and the furniture and facilities were very old. It was practically impossible to work there,” said Berd High School Principal Arthur Melikyan. “FAR has done a tremendous job.”

BCPP has made it possible to renovate and refurbish science labs at 12 different schools in Tavush’s Berd Region.

Twelfth-grader Albert Sharyan thanked FAR for the renovation. “I’ve always loved studying natural sciences and this is a great opportunity to obtain new skills and strengthen my knowledge,” he said.

His physics teacher Petros Yamukyan emphasized the importance of the gift they received. “To understand physics correctly knowledge needs to be strengthened through practical exercises. Today we have this opportunity. The results of such experiments will become solid knowledge, and will also contribute to broadening students’ love of physics,” he explained.

Apart from these renovations, FAR also constructed an outdoor athletic ground and a mini football field for the schools. Berd #4 was completely renovated two years ago with generous support from The Mardigian Family Foundation; the military classroom is its latest addition.


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