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Continuing Medical Education’s Mentors Want to Enable More Rural Doctors to Participate in CM

Following the annual meeting of mentors for our Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), FAR is considering the possibility of shortening the duration of this successful project in order to make it possible for more Armenian doctors to have the opportunity to improve their medical practices.

Mentors are doctors in Yerevan who volunteer to continually work with CME participants during their month-long stays at their various medical institutions. Their 14th annual meeting, held earlier this month, focused discussion on program developments and ongoing activities. They also discussed ideas on how to expand the scope of their cooperation with medical associations and institutions; how to engage new generations from regions in the CME program; how to organize hands-on master-classes, and how to help rural doctors to better practice their knowledge and skills effectively when they get back home.

“We see that some rural doctors cancel their month-long training because of the duration due to the lack of specialists who can replace them while they’re away,” said FAR Healthcare Programs Director Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan. He noted that this problem is particularly critical for obstetricians.

CME enables regional doctors to spend one month at Yerevan’s leading clinics and hospitals to advance in the specializations of their choice. The project’s ultimate goal is to improve health care services throughout Armenia and Artsakh by constantly improving the skills of rural physicians and better connecting them with others in their field.


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