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Creating tomorrow’s innovators

Arshaluys Melikyan has discovered a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment through hands-on, minds-on learning at the Vanadzor Engineering Education Center. Currently, the 16-year-old student is working on creating a vending machine from scratch, which will provide healthy and environmentally friendly food and beverages to people visiting Vanadzor.

"It's a group project, and it took us some time to create the machine prototype. We designed it using 3D models and will soon proceed with the electrical installation works," said Arshaluys, emphasizing the uniqueness of the project, as they handled both the coding and construction without any mentor involvement.

Arshaluys was born a raised in Vanadzor. Since early childhood he has been dreaming of creating a better future for his hometown and fellow citizens. "I still have much to learn, but I will deepen my knowledge in mathematics and physics to contribute further to the development of my city," he proudly said.

Eight months ago, he enrolled in the "Engineering Specialization in High School" program launched by the recently established Vanadzor Engineering Education Center. The center is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering, serving as a hub for schoolchildren to transform their projects into tangible models.

"We study mechanical engineering, work with the SolidWorks engineering program, delve into mechanics, explore microcircuits, and currently, we are learning about artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on the Python programming language," Arshaluys, a recent GTech graduate, explained. He further added, "When I learned about the opening of this laboratory in Vanadzor, I immediately applied and got enrolled in the program. I am delighted to be here because this lab has broadened my learning horizons and helped me determine my desired professional path," he concluded.

Vanadzor Engineering Education Center was made possible thanks to the financial support of FAR benefactors Ara and Valerie Cherchian and the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF). To also make a difference and give the gift of opportunity to young Armenians, support FAR today.


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