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FAR Scholarship Alumnus Now Chief Accountant at Leading Firm

Lilit Makyan’s journey to becoming Chief Accountant for KPMG Armenia, one of the country’s leading accounting firms, started while she was in school as she loved working with numbers and equations.

She recalled the influence of her greatest career guide--her mother--who advised her that the accounting field would suit her talents. She was right. Today, Lilit attributes her success to her mother and to FAR, which granted her an Anush Mathevosian Scholarship Program back in 2009 so she could study theoretical economics at the Armenian State University of Economics.

“FAR has shaped me into who I am now,” said Lilit.

The Anush Mathevosian Scholarship is one of 15 scholarships that FAR administers through its Education Program.

Currently, Lilit manages her own small team at KPMG. It took immense grit, perseverance, and patience to reach where she is today.

And she proudly said that FAR has taught her to evaluate human values more than anything else, as one of the requirements of her scholarship was to perform community service. “When you volunteer you realize that human relationships are essential. You may not be able to assist someone financially, however your caring attitude will be highly appreciated by people who need it more than anything else,” she said.

Now Lilit is preparing to take the globally-recognized CFA program, which will help her to become a Certified Chartered Financial Analyst, thus adding a new notch to her career belt.

“This is my long-term career goal,” she said. “And my personal lifetime goal is to seek happiness, to live happily without harm to myself or others.”


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