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For Artsakhtsi Mher, Christmas is about vanilla cake and Santa’s gifts

5-year-old Mher’s eyes light up at the thought of Christmas. The holiday season for him is all about indulging in vanilla cake and awaiting Santa's gifts. However, last year, the blockade cast a shadow over his festive expectations, leaving him empty-handed.

Residing in Ijevan of Tavush province after the forced exodus caused by the Azeri's attack on September 19, Mher's family found refuge but faced challenging times. Thanks to the swift emergency support from FAR, Mher now attends the FAR-supported Ijevan Community N1 Kindergarten—a haven that underwent a remarkable transformation in 2019 through the generosity of the Mardigian Family Foundation. Meanwhile, the Ted and Mariann Hovivian Family of NYC ensures that the children enjoy healthy nutrition.

With dreams as big as his heart, Mher candidly shares, "For Christmas, I want a car toy from Santa, but when I grow up, I want to become a dad to drive a car." His lively descriptions of Christmas traditions in his birthplace, Kolatak village, paint a vivid picture of joy: "Dad would set up the Christmas tree and buy lots of cakes because mom couldn't make any. I love vanilla cake very much, but we didn't have it last year."

Mher's mother, Anahit Ghahramanyan, 36, reflects on the hardships under the blockade but underscores the importance of preserving their homeland and way of life. "We faced incredibly difficult days. The children yearned for sweets during the blockade, yet there was nothing to offer. It was heart-wrenching not being able to fulfill their desires. All I want now is to establish roots here and create a stable environment for my three kids," she concluded.

The ordeal faced by displaced children from Artsakh is unimaginable, even for adults. This Christmas, they need more than ever—an extra dose of love, care, and generosity from all of us. Join us in making a difference by donating to FAR today. Let's stand by our Artsakhtsi kids and make their Christmas brighter together.


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