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Fostering a Culture of Generosity for 20 Years

FAR has been staunchly committed to educational programs for decades, seeing them as crucial catalysts for thousands of Armenians to expand their horizons and ensure a prosperous future for themselves and their country.

The Mathevosian Scholarship Program is one such educational initiative that has broadened career possibilities and provided stable livelihoods for hundreds of Armenians, including finance professional Kristine Namalyan.

38-year-old Kristine, now a leading credit analyst for Converse Bank of Armenia, was not facing such a bright future 20 years ago when she enrolled in the Armenian State Economics University. “It was my second attempt and I couldn’t afford the education, which was around $1000 – costly at that time. My dad told me that I will have to study more to get a tuition free spot at the university, meaning that I would have lost another year, which I didn’t want,” she said.

Kristine’s mother had heard about FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Programfrom a neighbor, but her father was skeptical. Kristine remembers him saying “there is no generosity, only interests.” She applied for the programanyway and a few weeks later, she was informed that she had been selected for a scholarship.

Now 20 years later and with a successful career in finance, Kristine recollects FAR and Anush Mathevosian with deep appreciation, remarking that she misses those years spent with the people of FAR and other scholarship recipients.

“Anush Mathevosian has always been in my heart, and she has taught me the culture of generosity. I’ve always felt honored to be chosen as a recipient and will always be grateful to her and FAR for believing in me and my abilities for success.”

Kristine is carrying this “culture of generosity” forward into her current workas well; when working with clients and analyzing credit data, she never ignores the human factors. “I have always dreamed of this position and have been striving toward it for years now. Currently, I am in a great placeand it gives me a profound sense of achievement,” she said with a beaming smile.

Since FAR’s founding, Kristine’s story has been repeated dozens of times over, thanks to the many scholarship programs that FAR administers throughout Armenia and Artsakh. Through the generosity of benefactors like Anush Mathevosian, FAR is constantly empowering the next generation of Armenians to build stable lives for themselves, and steward their country in bold directions.


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