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Gulamerian Hayordats Tun Celebrating Year-End Concert

Updated: 6 days ago

On June 24, a celebration of art and creativity unfolded at Gulamerian Ashtarak Hayordats Tun, capturing the hearts and imaginations of all in attendance.

Guests were greeted by a display of colorful paintings adorning the walls, each showcasing the creativity of young artists from Hayordats Tun, which currently gathers together more than 230 children across 11 different extracurricular groups. Further along, intricate handicrafts and tapestries showcased the skill and imagination cultivated through the Center's educational programs.

Before the concert, Fr. Paren Arakelyan, the spiritual leader of the Saint Marianeh Church, led a moment of collective prayer, setting a serene and reflective tone for the evening ahead.

Derenik Barbaryan, a fourth grader from the village of Ujan, eagerly waiting for his turn to take the stage, shared his enthusiasm for the duduk, describing it as a fascinating and beautiful instrument. "Each sound carries a distinct essence of Armenia. I'm delighted to have the chance to play my favorite instrument here, and I'm so excited to participate in the concert."

Liana Arakelyan, the inspector of the Central Office of the Hayordats Tuns of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, expressed gratitude for the beautifully organized concert. "We are thankful to all the educators whose hard work transforms children into dancers, pianists or violinists. We often only see the end results, but behind them lies their spirit and dedication. Art is a powerful force, shaping both generations and individuals, fostering education through artistic expression and personal development."

"This year, we've achieved remarkable milestones. Our painting class has won many national awards and gained recognition internationally. We are grateful to those who support our mission," concluded Karine Gevorgyan, Director of Hayordats Tun highlighting the 2023 success of the students.

The rejuvenation of the Gulamerian Ashtarak Hayordats Tun has been made possible with financial support from the FAR’s Gulamerian Foundation.


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