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Renovations That Help to Advance Learning

The vocational training classroom has given a new meaning to learning for the children of the Kayan Hovhannes Hintlyan School in Armenia’s Berd Region. Now a clean and well-equipped learning space after having undergone major renovation and refurbishment over the summer thanks to BCPP, it’s the latest in the program’s school renovation efforts. The Hintlyan School is also generously supported by the Constantinople Armenian Relief Society.

Since BCPP’s launch in 2013, 13 “technology” classrooms at schools located in this region have been updated to create better learning environments. The rejuvenation of such classrooms, where students learn trades like sewing and woodworking, in addition to chemistry and physics labs, has improved the quality of education.

“Renovation and refurbishment in schools have provided schoolchildren with a good opportunity to acquire new skills and to specialize by putting their theoretical knowledge into practice,” said FAR Education Program Manager Edik Karapetyan.

BCPP is made possible by support from The Mardigian Family Foundation.


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