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Vahe Berberian Exhibits "Involuntary Laughter" in LA.

The works of contemporary Lebanese-Armenian artist Vahe Berberian's latest collection "Involuntary Laughter" is currently on exhibit in LA.

Beirut-born painter, playwright and performer returns in rare form.

I recently attended the opening reception for contemporary Armenian artist Vahe Berberian's latest collection of paintings, Involuntary Laughter. The visionary abstract expressionist has once again produced a series of thought-provoking paintings.

The title "Involuntary Laughter" might imply entertainment or triviality- a would-be departure from Berberian's style. Armenians, as Berberian's been noted to say, tend towards seriousness. Indeed, many of his earlier paintings have a solemn, dark overtone. In contrast with his more serious-toned works of collections past, Involuntary Laughter is almost effervescent.


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