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WATCH: How FAR Makes a Difference Through School Improvement

We would like to share a great video about one of our most impactful projects, the transformation of the Republican Special Educational Complex #2 (known as Parakar School). Located in the suburbs of Yerevan, the school supports nearly 200 students, many with special needs.

This five-year project is transforming this school from what was a dilapidated, decaying and hazardous building into an innovative and state-of-the-art education and vocational training center. This changes the very nature of working with children with disabilities, so that they can be provided with guidance, support, love, and care during a critical time of their growth and self-discovery.

At the same time, the changes you can see in the video give Parakar students special opportunities to study, acquire vocational training and life skills, and learn how to be independent adults when it's time for them to age out of institutional care. This is all thanks to FAR’s incredible donors Marta and James Batmasian, the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation, and the New York Friends of Gavar Special School.

Watch the video now to see some of these great changes for yourself.


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