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We’ve opened up a new IT school

We recently opened a new Engineering/IT school in Vanadzor, Armenia.

The Vanadzor Engineering Education Center provides an avenue to a higher education in artificial intelligence and IT for young people in Armenia’s third largest city. It is also absolutely free.

“We see enormous enthusiasm amongst the students who combine their programming and engineering know-how to develop smart products through teamwork,” said the GTech Executive Director Amalya Yeghoyan during the recent opening ceremony․ She further highlighted that this school is the second of its kind following the establishment of a similar Engineering/IT Center in Gyumri a few years ago.

GTech is largely behind the program at the Vanadzor center, which recently welcomed its first class of 44 high school students. The project offers a two-year curriculum for high-school students that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and AI.

The center’s program focuses on the disciplines of artificial intelligence, tech, and mechanical engineering. Graduates will be able to create, design, and develop products and tools highly demanded in the military and tech fields before they even enter university.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of FAR benefactors Ara and Valerie Cherchian and the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF). To also make a difference and give the gift of opportunity to young Armenians, support FAR today.


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